IronPython 2.0 Released

IronPython 2.0 was just released to codeplex for download.  Here are a few important links:

  • Home page for the project is here

  • Download is here

  • Release notes are here

The key change for this release is having IronPython now written on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).  The DLR allows multiple dynamic languages to inter-operate with each other at a type system level, in addition to giving a compiler author a lot intrinsic features that make writing a compiler a lot easier.

In addition to this change, the release contains over 500 bug fixes, including 453 reported by the community through codeplex.

Congratulations to the team on reaching this major milestone!

Comments (6)

  1. Mike Moore says:

    Congrats, this is exciting. So does this mean that the DLR is finished? Is the same version of the DLR going to be used for IronRuby, VB, and JavaScript?

  2. Jason Zander says:

    Hi Mike – This is a pretty complete version of the DLR which you can pull and use from codeplex.  We also intend to ship "formal" version with the next version of the .NET Framework.  that is the formal version that compilers we ship will use.  however we want to make sure and continue to ship the MSPL version of DLR so you can have full access to the source.  And as the DLR is not yet in NETFX, it is a great version to use to start building your own compilers.

  3. Brad Merrill says:

    Congrats Jason and team!  It’s been a long time coming but great to see.

  4. THorton says:

    Demo’d IP-RC2 to a users group night after release.  The WOW really came when demonstrating embeding IP into a windows app as a business rules engine.  Keep up the good work!!!  Best Christmas present I’ve gotten so far.

  5. Matt Hargett says:

    how does it do on the benchmarks, now? Does the DLR allow for the continuous random sampling/block reordering optimizations that the CLR does?

  6. Martin Smith says:

    Is there any way you guys will allow us to use the DLR that doesn’t ship with the NETFX (this one) for the other compilers?  The NETFX is getting pretty unwieldy these days (230mb last I checked), and it would be nice to have all this stuff "work" on the old 20mb runtime.

    I’m getting more and more fearful that client side development on NETFX will have dead ended based on the sheer size of the framework.

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