TechEd EMEA 2008 Keynote, Including SharePoint Tools for VS

Today in the TechEd Developers Keynote in Barcelona we announced a number of new features we haven't talked about yet in Visual Studio 2010.  In the keynote, I spent most of my time in the tools and little on the slides (pretty common in Developer Division <g>).  I've include a basic overview of the key features covered in the keynote below.

In addition to the keynote coverage, we have also recorded an extensive set of videos for Channel 9 covering the features of VS2010.  You can find these videos on the home page for Visual Studio on Channel 9 here.  I have an overview session including some demos here:


You can also download the CTP bits here:


We definitely want to hear your feedback.  Enjoy!

Visual Studio Team System

  • Discover how your code is structured using the Architecture Explorer which walks your entire dependency map and gives you a graph of the entire system

  • Build UML Sequence Diagrams of your core code

  • Eliminate the 'no repro' scenario by including video of testing steps as well as historical debugging (debug after the fact)

  • The new VSTS "Lab Management" produce which allows you to provision virtual instances of your environment and recover them for repro scenarios

SharePoint Tools

  • VS2010 has support for building SharePoint projects

  • You can create imports from wsp, add event receivers, and workflow parts

  • A visual designer is included to author parts using WSYWIG

  • A new deployment explorer allows you to build up your deployment packages

  • F5 just works!

Code Focused Features

  • With VS2010 we have built in core editing and discovery features so you can do refactoring right out of the box and use test driven style development

  • Quick Search allows for easy searching across projects

  • Easy discovery of the call hierarchies

WPF Editor Features

  • We've rebuilt a new editor in VS2010 which allows you write advanced features including rich interactive graphics

  • We're using the new MEF feature of .NET 4 which allows for extensible add-ins without installation.  Just xcopy and go!

New Web Features

  • VS2010 will have built-in support for the new MVC framework

  • Inclusion of the JQuery library including intellisense support

  • New deployment helpers that include adding transforms for your web.config to avoid errors

C++ and MFC Features

  • The new C++ product has support for making large projects scalable in the system with easy incremental build

  • Support for code focused features including Quick Search and fast / reliable call hierarchy support

  • Support for lambda's

  • We wrapped up the demo by turning the class Pong MFC app into a parallel ray tracing algorithm with a Ribbon!

Comments (10)

  1. Does already shipped CTP supports SharePoint development or that will be added in the next drop?

  2. Jason Zander says:

    Hi Dragan – the new SharePoint support is not in the current version of the CTP.  Keep an eye on future drops…

  3. Check out this new VS 2010 and .NET Fx 4.0 videos page on channel9. We’re rolling out a set of videos

  4. Kosher says:

    How about some very important SharePoint development features such as remote deployment and debugging support, straight from the IDE.  Remote deployment and debugging is always a pain.  On top of that, the other major PITA, is the fact that you can’t run the tools on a system without SharePoint installed.  Not only that but you can’t build or develop on an x64 based system.  These issues are stacked on the many headaches with SharePoint development and it would be great to see these most fundamental features addressed at least.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    I second that Kosher…I am adding a new high end developer station and am debating if I should put it together as XP Pro, Vista Ultimate or 2008 Standard Server.  It will be used to develop for Sharepoint, Workflow and CRM primarily…what is the recommended OS for the dev station?

  6. VB Feeds says:

    TechEd EMEA kicked off on November 10th with an announcement-packed keynote by Visual Studio General

  7. TechEd EMEA kicked off on November 10th with an announcement-packed keynote by Visual Studio General

  8. Edu Blogs says:

    Hah!!! Akala mo ako ang gagawa ng videos? Hindi ah! Well anyways, ayun.. here are the links for you to

  9. 靓仔仔 says:


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