Service Pack 1 for VS2008 SP1 and .NET FX 3.5 Now Live

You can now download the SP1 for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework here.  Like any service pack this release contains bug fixes for issues you have reported.  What's probably most exciting to me though is all the new functionality that has been enabled in the release.  ScottGu did a couple of good write ups with details here and here.  In addition to the features covered here, a few additional items made it into the final release:

  • Programming against ADO.NET Data Services (aka “Astoria”) web services  - you can now easily add references to these REST-based data services through the AddServiceReference dialog
  • VSTO Add-ins can target the new .NET Framework Client Profile (factored subset of the full framework)
  • Re-enabled Multi-Selection in the Web Forms designer

Congratulations to the team, we hope you enjoy the new release!

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