Announcing Silverlight Support for Nokia Devices Including S60

Part of my role as GM for Visual Studio is driving our Mobility efforts in the Developer Division (including Windows Mobile, .NET Compact Framework, and Silverlight).  Today I'm happy to announce an agreement between Microsoft and Nokia to take Silverlight to a wide range of Nokia devices.  You can read the official press release from Nokia here.

This is great news for developers.  We've been working very hard to ensure that Silverlight makes it easy to write Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in a very consistent way across platforms.  You've seen this in our demos running applications on both Mac OS and Windows.  With this announcement you'll be able to bring your Silverlight application to a broad set of mobile devices as well.

The announcement today includes support for S60 on Symbian OS, as well as S40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets.  As a developer that means we are making the platform available to hundreds of millions of devices which gives you great reach.

You'll continue to use Expression and Visual Studio to develop your applications.  XAML works incredibly well for this and translates nicely to the device.  Modulo things like screen size, you'll be able to use the same application resources as you use on the desktop. 

I'm currently in Melbourne, Australia (I did the Launch keynote) but I'm headed to Las Vegas in a few hours for Mix'08 (you have to love a 16 hour flight where you take off Wednesday morning and land Wednesday morning<g>).  Hopefully I will see you at Mix.  There's a lot of great stuff happening this year and you should look forward to some very cool demos.  See you there!

Comments (3)

  1. Staffan Gustafsson says:

    Will silverlight be available on Windows CE, or is it just for Windows Mobile?

  2. Jason Zander says:

    Staffan – we are concentrating on Windows Mobile for our primary work (there is a great demo of this during the Mix’08 keynote this morning).  However all of the underlying technology will work on WinCE.  Delivery for that platform comes down to interest and timing.  Make sure to give us your feedback on priority for your business.


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