Download Install Challenges with VS2008

I've seen several folks having problems since we RTM'd VS2008.  These usually manifest themselves as as things like "Download Manager - Error" when trying to access the bits (one example post).

Our release team and the MSDN team have been working to rectify these issues which have stemmed primarily from capacity problems on the edge network.  Things should be working smoother now and updates to the Download Manager are also on their way as required to fix these problems.

I'm sorry if you have run into these problems.  Obviously we'd like to see your experience be as smooth as possible.  If you are still experience problems, please do let me know and we'll work to fix them ASAP.  thanks!

Comments (1)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Not only capacity problems.

    It doesn’t seem to work well (or for all I know at all) with proxy servers, and the glib assumption that everyone has the option to bypass the proxy has been less than helpful.

    I didn’t mean that to sound harsh, but this Akamai thing has been a disaster and really shouldn’t have been released on unsuspecting subscribers when it’s so clearly deficient for so many people. For us it is an insurmountable barrier, not an aid.

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