IronRuby Source Available for Download

John Lam and team have been working hard on getting IronRuby ready for public release, and today is the day!  Today we are announcing two key things:

  • Availability of the IronRuby source code

  • Our plans to accept contributions to IronRuby libraries (to start) through Rubyforge by August

You can read all of the details on John's blog here

There are two things that really excite me about this release.  The first is getting to this important milestone with IronRuby, which we first demonstrated at Mix '07.  Ruby is a powerful language which is not just for the web server 😉  When you combine Ruby with Silverlight, you can create really cool RIA applications as well.  And as always, IronRuby, IronPython, and all of our dynamic languages will run in all .NET environments by the time we are finished. 

The second thing that excites me personally is building another offering with the open source community.  I can tell you from a lot of personal experience that getting the IronPython license approved took a lot of effort.  That release and others like it paved the way for the Microsoft Permissive License.  In DevDiv, we've then used that license to release the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit and IronRuby.  I'm looking forward to continuing these kinds of efforts in the future.

Congratulations to the team on the release!

Comments (8)

  1. Nektar says:

    If you want Ironruby to grow please enlarge the team. Now it is very small. Not everything will be contributed from open source developers.

  2. Last night, the IronRuby team made the source code for IronRuby available. John Lam posted the story

  3. Hier, l’équipe de IronRuby a publié le code source de IronRuby sous licence MS-Pl (aka Microsoft Shared

  4. Miguel de Icaza says:

    Congratulations to the team Jason!

    And congratulations to Microsoft on taking this new route.


  5. Blog of Jitu says:

    This week IronRuby got released. First look on it can be found at John’s blog . This was a incredile

  6. Josh Nursing says:

    It’s a great milestone, so congrats to John and the team. IronRuby should support the full Ruby set and not be extended in a way to make it incompatible with Ruby.

    I have fixed a bug in the code and written a tutorial about how to hack and extend IronRuby using the Visual C# Express 2005 edition:

  7. James Downs says:

    The Microsoft Permissive License doesn’t allow code submissions under it to be released under anything but the MSPL.  A piece of library code for IronRuby can’t be in a GPL version.

  8. WebReservoir says:

    Nice Efforts for IronRuby.

    I personally believe that Open Source Community will contribute only upto some extent. Rest is on IronRuby team to extend and make it more popular. There will be mass audience of developers jumping from other community to join the Ruby + DotNet Advantage.

    To make IronRuby more popular and demanding, the IronRuby team should come out with few starterkits as currently offered to C# and Vb.Net developers by Asp.Net Team.

    The starterkits move was highly appreciated by all, and still it will do wonders for Ruby Developers. They should know, what advantage they are getting over the plain ruby.

    Just my views

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