ROTOR (SSCLI) 2.0 Ships!

I'm happy to announce today that ROTOR 2.0 has released to the web.  You can download the release here:

ROTOR contains most of the CLR and base class libraries found in our commerical product.  It is released under the shared source program.  There are several new things in this release:

  • Generics implementation

  • Lightweight Code Generation (LCG)

  • Stub-based dispatch support

  • New reflection and reflection emit

  • New C# features like Anonymous Methods, Anonymous Delegates and Generics


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  1. Great news… Rotor V2.0 ships… I have found Rotor a great way to look at (mostly) the real source…

  2. autolysis says:


    time to spend long evenings in front of ntsd instead of WoW 🙂

    really, Jason, you really make my day!

  3. stic says:


    1) Kto chciałby zobaczyć jakie już dodatki istniejac do VS 2005 – polecam mu zamówienie płyty…

  4. Brian says:

    This is neat, great work! Is a OSX or BSD build going to arrive at some point?

  5. In case you haven’t already heard from every other blogger (like Shawn, JasonZ and Brad) , V2.0 of the…

  6. CoqBlog says:

    La version 2.0 du SSCLI (Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure) l’implémentation des spécifications…

  7. Rotor (SSCLI) V2 ships.

  8. bsrealm says:

    Cool. Was waiting for this a loong time. Like autolysis says, looong evenings in front of this!

  9. Steve says:

    Question: What happend to mac and freebsd support?

  10. Okay, I got shouted at by a friend this weekend for not blogging for so long, for which I can only say…

  11. ROTOR contains most of the CLR and base class libraries found in our commerical product. It is released under the shared source program. [via]…

  12. jasonz says:

    It’s great to see the interest in the release!  With this version of ROTOR, we wanted to get something out as fast as we could after Whidbey (V2.0) that had the widest developer base.  For this reason we chose to concentrate on x86 on Windows (note we did keep the PAL up and running as part of the release).  At this time I don’t have anything further to announce on future releases.  I’m looking forward to the feedback from the community on the release, as well as the contribution of the community to ongoing improvements.

  13. Mike says:

    Cool.. I’m waiting for this for a long time…

    But it seems only XP version available, not for Mac OS X and FreeBSD yet… 🙁

  14. Its that time of year again and as is custom on my blog I'll look back at the predictions I made

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