Meet the CLR at the PDC

We made it to LA and took a Taco break in Culver City at Tito's Tacos, which Don says is one of the best taco joints in LA.  The food was indeed great.  Unfortunately we were not as smart as Don who rented a van.  Brad found a cab in about 30 minutes, but after numerous failed attempts the *same* driver came back for the rest of us an hour later.  Brian Peppin posted a couple of photos.

We have several things going on for the CLR team while here at the PDC:

  • Brad has blogged a detailed session list here 

  • We will have all hands on deck every day from 3-4 PM in the Fundamentals Track Lounge (right inside the front door)

  • We'll be hitting various BOF's as well (the .NET vs Java BOF tonight in 511ABC certainly looks interesting)

I will be speaking at the "Looking Ahead to the Future of the CLR" panel on Friday as well.  I'm looking forward to meeting with you!


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