64-bit Show and Lisp Conference Notes

Recently Larry Sullivan did a couple of 64-bit sessions.  Larry is the development lead for our 64-bit effort, and one of the original CLR developers (trivia: we actually got the very first CLR app working on Larry's machine since he owned the loader at the time; we all swapped bits for two day straight until it worked!).



Microsoft recently announced the availability of 64-bit Windows, with dramatic improvement in performance and reliability. In this episode we talk with Larry Sullivan, Volker Will, and Kevin Frei to learn more about the move to 64-bit, and what it might mean to your development efforts.


A Brief Overview of Visual Studio 2005 on 64-Bit


Larry Sullivan gives a brief overview of Visual Studio 2005 on 64-bit with an eye to what the CLR is doing to preserve your investment in managed code when you move to the .NET Framework and Visual Studio on a 64-bit processor.


Recently Patrick Dussud (head architect on the CLR team and author of our GC) did a keynote at the Lisp Conference calling for a version of Lisp which can interop better with the rest of the world.  For an attendee's eye view, check out Dave Roberts Lisp blog.  Playing better in a common environment gives you a lot of extra leverage for your language and other benefits which I outlined here a while back.

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