A Cure for CTP Madness

Brad Abrams and Jason Sutherland have come up with a nice little site on Channel 9 which keeps track of compatible versions of CTP's.  The utility uses your browser caps to see what you already have installed, and publishes an XML file that shows valid combinations.  Check it out!

The other suggestion I gave Brad/Jason on this which I'm hoping the community will build is a "Make It So" option.  Basically I want a tool that takes (a) my current machine state, and (b) a new CTP I really want to target, and generates an uninstall/download/install script for me that leaves my machine up and running with all the right stuff.  Should be pretty easy.  Say a CLR Cup<T> mug to the first person to post the sample?  I'll send you two if you write it using IronPython  <g>

[edit: fixed URL to Channel9 site]

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  1. Andrew Fung says:

    The link goes to an internal server?

  2. Our friends over at Channel9 just posted a cure for CTP Madness… &amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;Here is an excerpt from…

  3. jasonz says:

    Ok, I could act like this was planned but the truth is I jumped the gun on the original post (it’s just so cool!). My apologies to Brad/Jason 🙁 The real *public* site is now live and I’ve updated the URL above.

  4. Darrell says:

    I love IronPython (well, Python too for that matter), but when are we going to get integration with Visual Studio?

  5. jasonz says:

    Darrell – Glad to hear you love IronPython. Wrt VS integration, we don’t have any plans we are ready to announce at this time. Make sure and stay plugged in to the users-ironpython.com newsgroup to hear any new news first…

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