Announcing IronPython 0.7 Ready for Download

Today at PyCon, Jim Hugunin announced the availability of IronPython 0.7 which you can download from this site.  We are releasing the code under a BSD style Shared Source license. This version runs on the Whidbey CLR (V2.0) which has features like LCG designed for dynamic languages as well as numerous performance improvements.  Because IronPython targets the CLR, 0.7 also works directly with other new managed technologies like Avalon and Indigo (also recently release for usage, see the the March CTP).

I want to congratulate Jim for getting this release up on the site and ready for use!  We're looking forward to hearing your feedback.  I'd love to hear about the cool apps you write.  Let us hear from you!

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  1. Jim Hugunin announced IronPython 0.7 today at PyCon. Apparently it takes advantage of .NET 2.0 features….

  2. Dan Pollard says:

    Excellent news! Finally a sanctioned scripting language on the .NET platform that I can safely advocate to my peers.

    What more scripting language info can we expect? More languages? Articles that tour the IPython source code and how it works?

  3. Dan – I posted some additional information this morning, Now that 0.7 is out the door, I’m expecting that folks like Joel Pobar and Jim Hugunin will provide more detailed code walk throughs and examples. Make sure and let us know of particular ares you’d be interested in hearing more on.

  4. Brad Abrams says:

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