March CTP of WinFX (Avalon, Indigo, .NET FX) now posted on MSDN

I'm back!  I was OOF for a bit after getting pretty sick coming back from Bucharest and Tel Aviv.  But I had to report that the March CTP was just posted today on MSDN.  This is the first combined drop of Avalon and Indigo targeting the same CLR, as well as the first version to be dropped with SDK support.  You can find the docs for the release up on MSDN as well

This drop represents a ton of work that we started last September.  Obviously the Avalon and Indigo deserve a lot of credit for this drop.  But I want to make sure and congratulate the other teams that worked very hard to pull this together:  the CLR team, the SDK team, the UE folks, and build and release teams (sorry if I missed anyone!).  In particular, Jason Sutherland, has been kicking butt running the Tactics team.  It takes a lot of folks to deliver a release like this.

Great job folks!

I got pretty sick after coming back from Romania/Israel.  Being a stubborn workaholic, I actually did go to work with pneunomia.  But finally had to post my OOF mail:

It seems my bronchitis has turned into pneumonia.

So why am I still doing email? Well my wife insists it’s because I’m crazy.

I prefer to think instead of my ancestors who settled Minnesota and North Dakota, building sod homes by night and planting the north 40 by day. Would pneumonia slow them down? No way! Besides, sudden rapid weight loss is quite slimming.

So I’ll be working from home doing my email, watching the next 10 lbs melt away. Worst case scenario, I’m sure Overlake Medical has added wireless to the rooms by now.

Gotta run, my wife wants to spray more Lysol on my keyboard.

[Edit: fixed the indent font thing that was messing up the rest of my page]

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