Bucharest .NET User’s Group

We just wrapped up our recruiting trip to Bucharest.  On Monday 24-January, Brand, Ronald, and myself attended the .NET User's Group hosted by Dorin Badea of the Microsoft office and Microsoft MVP Aurelian Popa who did a talk on OSS for the group.

The session was well attended with about 50 to 60 people.  Here is a smaller group that was able to fit on the stage for a group photo:

Brandon Bynum of the Winforms team did a presentation on new Whidbey (v2.0) features.  He included a few cool demos of using Winforms to create the same look and feel as Outlook and MSN Messenger.

Finally I gave a presentation on CLR internals (borrowed from Joel Polbar's TechEd deck).  We wrapped up the session with about an hour of Q&A with a lot of details on the product.  We got a lot of great questions.  Dorin taped the event and is going to send me the DVD which Scoble has offered to turn into a Channel 9 session.  Stay tuned!

Thanks to Aurelian and Dorin for hosting us while in Romania and giving us a chance to meet the MVP's and user group.  We had a blast!

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