Headed to Romania for recruiting

A small group of us (from the CLR, Visual C++, and Visual Studio Team Systems teams) will be headed to Romania Jan 21 through Jan 28 to do some campus and industry recruiting. 

I'm planning to attend the .NET user group at the Bucharest Microsoft offices on Jan 24 at 6 pm.  The topic is Open Source Software, which should lead to an exciting discussion πŸ™‚  Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

<shameless_plug> I'm looking for experienced industry candidates who are interested in joining our main campus teams in the Developer Division.  We have openings for development, test, and program management.  If you are interested, send me your resume (jasonz)! </shameless_plug>

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  1. We’ve waiting for ypou here in Bucharest. πŸ™‚

  2. MMV says:

    How about Russia?

    You are welcome! πŸ™‚

  3. Randall the Recruiting Manager says:

    I just wanted to add that when we refer to a person as experienced industry candidate we are specifically looking for candidates that have been out of school for more than 24 months. As always, you can find more info about our open positions at http://www.microsoft.com/careers

    Very much looking forward to the trip as we have heard great things about Romania.

  4. Andrei Pociu says:

    What will be the average age of a recruit for those open positions or how old are the youngest recruits?

    Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay!

  5. Hi Andrei – actual age is not important: we don’t track it and we never use it in making a hiring decision. The two main requirements that count are that (a) you’ve got your university degree, and (b) you have at least 24 months of relevant industry experience.

  6. Great News!

    Maybe you should bring Robert Scoble along to record a Channel9 video! πŸ™‚

  7. hidralisk says:

    How does all this relate to the IT unemployment in USA?

    I have heard from Internet forums that IT ppl in USA are not very happy with outsourcing and H1B contracts.

  8. Microsoft is a world wide company with offices on every content. Given that, we are always looking for a diverse set of employees that can help us make our software work in all the markets we serve.

  9. Tadeusz G. says:

    Hello Jason!

    It was a pleasure to speak with you on the very first day and the very first hour of the recruiting days πŸ˜‰ I spent a good time in Bucharest. It was great to meet you in person.



  10. Andrei Pociu says:

    I’m curious, how did everything go?

  11. yeah, I also wanna know it.

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