Don’t panic: V2.0.50727.42 is the answer…

I’m very happy to announce that we have signed off on Whidbey and it will be available later today on the MSDN down load site.  This is by far the best version of the product we have ever shipped.  There were four big themes for the CLR:  SQL integration, performance, VB RAD (e.g. Edit & Continue),…


David Treadwell, VP of .NET Technologies, has a new blog

David is the Corporate Vice President of .NET Technologies, including the CLR, Asp.Net/IIS, .NET Compact Framework, the SDK, and other centralized technologies like UE, loc, and release.  He’s also my boss 🙂 Dave’s new blog is here. Welcome to the blogosphere!


Who needs value types anyway?

I’ve totally lost my voice (quite literally cannot talk) here at the PDC and had to miss the Ask the Experts session just to try and get it back before my panel discussion tomorrow.  But while I could still talk I’ve enjoyed conversations with all sorts of people here in LA.  I attended a BOF which contrasted…


September WinFX CTP Online Now

The September release of the WinFX comonents have just been dropped following Eric Rudder’s key note.  The key set of links are: WinFX Runtime Components WinFX SDK VS Extensions for WinFX RC WinFX RC September RC “Readme” Enjoy!  


Meet the CLR at the PDC

We made it to LA and took a Taco break in Culver City at Tito’s Tacos, which Don says is one of the best taco joints in LA.  The food was indeed great.  Unfortunately we were not as smart as Don who rented a van.  Brad found a cab in about 30 minutes, but after…


64-bit Show and Lisp Conference Notes

Recently Larry Sullivan did a couple of 64-bit sessions.  Larry is the development lead for our 64-bit effort, and one of the original CLR developers (trivia: we actually got the very first CLR app working on Larry’s machine since he owned the loader at the time; we all swapped bits for two day straight until it…


A Cure for CTP Madness

Brad Abrams and Jason Sutherland have come up with a nice little site on Channel 9 which keeps track of compatible versions of CTP’s.  The utility uses your browser caps to see what you already have installed, and publishes an XML file that shows valid combinations.  Check it out! The other suggestion I gave Brad/Jason…


Public Symbols for Beta 2 Now Posted

When I was in Atlanta debugging a customer application, I noticed that the Symbol Server didn’t have the Beta 2 public pdb’s posted.  It took a little while, but the Release team has confirmed they are now available.  The easy way to verify this is to install the Windows Debuggers and run “symchk %windir%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v2.0.50215\mscorwks.dll /v”….


Catchy headlines? Sure, but get the facts

Well it’s been a fun and creative couple of days for headlines: Microsoft Recruits for .Net Framework Compatbility Testing (started off being called “Microsoft .NET Framework Breaks Apps”) Ouch! .Net Framework 2.0 Breaks Apps .Net Developers:  ‘What, Me Worry’? Microsoft Wrestles With .Net Framework Compatibility While cute headlines may grab advertising clicks, you need to read…


Calling all interns! Come work on IronPython, Rotor, CLR Profiler and more…

We’re gearing up for another round of summer internships on the CLR team and I’m looking for more candidates.  We have openings for dev, test, and PM, covering a wide range of topics from: IronPython and Dynamic Languages Rotor (SSCLI) New class library support Code coverage/analysis tools CLR Profiler and WinFX performance work And whole…