New WinXP enabled version of Avalon up on MSDN

The Avalon team has dropped a new Customer Technology Preview (CTP) release that is now enabled to run on XP and above.  This version runs on Whidbey Beta 2 (build 2.0.40607.51), which is older than the most recent Whidbey CTP (released in October).  Those two versions of Whidbey probably won't mix well, so I'd recommend installing on your Beta 2 machine. 

The Avalon team has been working really hard to get this build going, congrats to them!

Comments (11)

  1. Arik Cohen (MSFT) says:

    Umm — I think you meant that the Avalon CTP runs on Whidbey Beta 1…

  2. mea culpa, thanks for the correction Arik

  3. I don’t have an Msdn subscription but I must say this is a good. Finally you don’t have to load on the whole Longhorn Operating System. Just to try out WinFx. From the outside. Longhorn looks hot.

    Its good. Finally someones taken the logical step of processing graphical information over a graphics card. Which is one of the main reasons to have a graphics card. I can’t wait till Longhorn’s released.

  4. You wrote: "This version runs on Whidbey Beta 2…" I asume you mean Beta 1, Update or some such. As far as I know, Beta 2 is not yet out.

  5. Jesse – you are correct (Arik pointed this out as well above). We have released CTP’s already that are on the Beta 2 branch (last was in October). Beta 2 has not been formally released yet.

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