Whidbey Beta 1 Code Coverage Build

Compatibility is something we work very hard on.  It is our goal to make sure all of your V1.x applications keep running on Whidbey (v2.0).  But to accomplish that, we could really use your help.  With Beta 1, we released a code coverage build which can collect usage data that is fed directly into testing.  Please consider running your application under this build and sending us the data.  It is the best way to ensure your software keeps running on the latest and greatest version! 

Thanks in advance for your help...

Comments (2)

  1. Laura T. says:

    I’d be all for this, BUT if the requirement is that

    "You should also reformat your machine after you’re finished with this product..", it makes things much more complicated. For now I’m planning to build up a dedicated server for it, but still.. hope this build gets well soon. For beta 1 I can understand it.

    How much space I need to plan for it? Of course it depends about apps, but does it take GB or MB for a normal sized app?

  2. Adam Nathan says:

    The Code Coverage redist is about 20% larger than the regular redist, and the data files you generate could be a few MB but likely much less than 5 MB.

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