Welcome Jim Hugunin as the newest member of the CLR!

I'm back from a long vacation and very pleased that Jim has accepted my offer to join the CLR team and continue his work on dynamic langauges!  I expect that he will be blogging about his work on the CLR team so you can track the progress we make on the goal.  It's been great that Jim has shown you can already write a decent dynamic language on the CLR; now we can really put it in gear and add more improvements like LCG in the future to make it even better.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out...

<shameless plug> If you love writing compilers and/or systems level code and would like to spend your days working with folks like Chris Brumme, Brad Abrams, Adam Nathan, and Jim, you need to check out our job listings.  We're always looking for top notch devs, testers, and PM's.  Even if you don't see a precise match there but you think you have what it takes, send me your resume (jasonz).   As an example, I'm looking for a top notch performance architect right now (not yet listed). </>

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  1. Jim Hugenin has released IronPython 0.6. Also. Jason Zander, CLR Product Unit Manager, has announced that Jim is joining the CLR team. Taken from the distribution this is a sample WinForms app: from System.Windows.Forms import * from System.Drawing import *…

  2. This is great news. Can we look forward to an "official" Microsoft release of IronPython? Hopefully in the Visual Studio 2005 timeframe…

  3. Some long lead work.

  4. Brian says:

    <shameless plug>…</> is not well formed 🙂

  5. Jason Zander says:

    I should have used VS.Net to format my plug I guess 🙂

    wrt shipping IronPython, we have not finished all of our planning just yet. at very least I need to let Jim come to work on Monday and find his office<g> stay tuned…

  6. Some long lead work.

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