New tiny CLI implementations hit the market

Here are a couple of interesting new items based on the CLI: Axalto has produced a smartcard based on the ECMA standard. .netcpu Corp has produced a development kit for the their embedded CLR CPU Module.  Haven’t tried it, but defintately looks cool.  My wife has been looking for gift ideas, hmmm… Happy Holidays!


November Community Tech Preview (CTP) with Standard Edition available

The November Community Tech Preview (CTP) has now been released.  This drop contains a version of the Standard Edition.  I’m in the process of uninstalling the October release and putting this one on.  (Unfortunately that always seems to involve rmdir and regedit to find all traces of the old stuff, so it could take a…


Oracle 10g Release 2 to support the CLR

Oracle is having their Openworld conference right now and has announced support for CLR stored procedures in an upcomming release.  Read more in the press release.  This means that Oracle, DB/2, and Microsoft SQL Server will support CLR managed stored procedures.  Cool!


Pointy Hair: The Best Internship Projects

As much as I love spending time writing code, a big (and important) part of my day job is running a big team.  Several kinds of questions come up during the various times of year.  Right now we are interviewing summer intern candidates.  I get asked by new leads how best to structure such efforts,…


New 64-bit material available on MSDN

This new site covers common 64-bit questions about the .NET FX and gives examples.  I’m often asked a few FAQ’s, so let me answer them right here: Version 2.0 (Whidbey) is the first version to support 64-bit. Versions 1.1 (SP1) will run only as 32-bit in the WOW V2.0 supports x64 processors (AMD Opertron, Intel EM64T),…


New WinXP enabled version of Avalon up on MSDN

The Avalon team has dropped a new Customer Technology Preview (CTP) release that is now enabled to run on XP and above.  This version runs on Whidbey Beta 2 (build 2.0.40607.51), which is older than the most recent Whidbey CTP (released in October).  Those two versions of Whidbey probably won’t mix well, so I’d recommend…


How much power is too much?

In the second section of the Channel 9 tour videos, Rico Mariani talks about performance and I once again butcher his last name (I once made the same mistake at a BillG review, sorry man <sigh>; it’s pronounced “Mary-annie”, got it now <g>). One thing we’ve seen a lot is that it is really easy to…


CLR Walkabout with Scoble on Channel 9

I recently took the Channel 9 folks on a Walkabout during the beta 2 zero bug bounce push period.  We visited with various folks in the middle of Beta 2 lock down.  There are 3 segments to the tour, and two more in my office comming up.  Enjoy…


Whidbey Beta 1 Code Coverage Build

Compatibility is something we work very hard on.  It is our goal to make sure all of your V1.x applications keep running on Whidbey (v2.0).  But to accomplish that, we could really use your help.  With Beta 1, we released a code coverage build which can collect usage data that is fed directly into testing.  Please consider…


Rules for warnings and my biased view of the ObsoleteAttribute

Brad has a hot post going about how we should handle the ObsoleteAttribute and its usage in the Framework.  Brad’s post is balanced and objective to not force people into one camp or another.  Let me be totally biased, put my Development Manager hat back on for a minute, and articulate my rules for handling…