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Look mom

Look mom, I have a blog!

A little background on myself to kick this off: 
I am the Product Unit Manager (PUM) of the CLR.  I've been with the project
since it started with some prototyping around the C++ compiler and some OOP'd
extensions (remember the '98 PDC?).  I was the Development Manager for V1.0
and V1.1, working for Brian Harry.  Before that I worked on Visual Source
Safe, the Repository, and the original ODBC team.  And before that, at IBM
on the AS/400 doing DRDA and SQL/400 work.  Enough of that.

This site is a great source of information, and
I hope you've found the contributions from the CLR team particularly helpful. 
Some of the documentation here (from folks like
Greg, and
Suzanne) is embarrassingly
better than our own internal documentation on our engine!  Thankfully we
did the

work which also has very good documentation of our internals (it's not
100% the same code as the retail version, but is derived from it).

Please do send us feedback on additional topics
you'd like to see here.  If you're not sure who on the CLR, ping me and
I'll give you hand.



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  1. Bruce says:

    I recommend using NewsGator ( for posting, instead of the BlogX client. Its a lot easier to use, especially if you want to do font formatting or hyperlinks.

  2. Sam Griffith Jr. says:

    I’d like to know or see when the CLI is going to support dyanmic languages like Smalltalk and Lisp. From everything I’ve read and seen, the CLI seems to be geared toward supporting languages that are typed.

    I know a lot of developers who would love to use the .NET frameworks and have their language be able to be a first class citizen in the .NET toolset.

    Thanks for your time and looking forward to the day when I can program .NET in Lisp or Smalltalk.

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