Starting Out on Testing? We Have The Best Story on the Planet.

Team Collaboration is Key to Quality. If you have a silo approach in your organization that “we’ll implement all the features then throw these deliverables over the fence to Testers and then get on with the next set of features, this is a recipe for much more time and effort 10x for your organization”. The number of outstanding bugs will grow and…


Getting Data Out of TFS Relational Warehouse into Excel or Wherever

The TFS Datawarehouse schema is well documented here As an example, let’s say we wanted to get this kind of data in the following form into Excel. We can use the following SQL statement. Use Tfs_Warehouse Go Select IterationPath, StartDate, FinishDate from DimIteration order by StartDate, IterationPath This yields as follows: If we were…


Short Videos About Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server By Category

Here are a list of short videos categorized by role, to help you get ramped up on features in a matter of minutes. Most are 10 minutes or less. Videos longer than 10 minutes are prefixed with ‘*’. Videos longer than 1 hour are prefixed with ‘**’ Topics are grouped by roles. Enjoy!   Project Management…


Walkthrough. TFS Branching – Multiple Merges with Content Changes and File Rename.

Here I depict a scenario where I create two branches – both directly from Main. A specific file is modified in both branches. In one branch I change the contents and in the other it’s renamed. The following video depicts how easily we can consolidate the file so that we can make both braches identical…


Presenting at Sacramento .NET Users Group. See What’s New in VS 2013.

What     A Lap Around What’s New in Visual Studio 2013     With Jason Singh When       Wed Feb 26th starting 6pm Where Rancho Cordova Library9845 Folsom Blvd. , Rancho Cordova, CA 95827   Registration and details.    


Silicon Valley VS2013 Launch Event – Tues 2/25/2014

Feel free to register for this free event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA Although the exact titles have not been totally established, here’s a rough outline.    


Useful Visual Studio 2013 Links

 Here are some useful links that I’ll be alluding to in my presentation in Concord this week. C++ •Visual Studio 2013 (MSDN) •Visual C++ Blog  •Parallel Programming in Native Code Blog •The Future of C++ (Herb Sutter at Build 2013) •C++/CX Best Practices (Sridhar Madhugiri at Build 2013) •Native Code Performance and Memory (Eric Brumer…


Visual Studio Launch Event in Concord, CA – Dec 11th, 2013.

Connect teams. Create harmony. Transform your business. In an age of extraordinary expectations, how can you ensure every app works flawlessly, seamlessly, and elegantly on every device, all the time? Invitation only VS2013 Launch Event at Hilton Concord – In Partnership with Microsoft Developers Services Join your local Microsoft Developer Tools and Premier Services team…


Some Great Guidance from the ALM Rangers

My fellow colleague, Willy-Peter Schaub has published some great guidance from the ALM Rangers. Download and enjoy.