Short Videos About Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server By Category

Here are a list of short videos categorized by role, to help you get ramped up on features in a matter of minutes. Most are 10 minutes or less. Videos longer than 10 minutes are prefixed with '*'. Videos longer than 1 hour are prefixed with '**'

Topics are grouped by roles. Enjoy!


Project Management

* Agile Planning with Team Foundation Server 2013

Managing Work Items using Kanban


Team Foundation Server

Introducing Team Room, A New Collaboration Feature in Team Foundation Server

** Agile Software Development with Microsoft Visual Studio ALM



Improving architecture through modeling

Using layer diagrams to design and validate your architecture



Using Code Review to Improve Quality

Visual Studio: Manual Test To Coded UI Test

Easily testing user interfaces with Coded UI tests

Improving quality with unit tests and fakes

Visual Studio 2013 Web Editor Features - Page Inspector

Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 Web Editor Features - HTML5

Parallels: Using Visual Studio on OSX

Introducing SQL Server Database Projects Tooling in Visual Studio 2013

Lap Around Visual Studio Online “Monaco”

​Introducing the Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Machine on Windows Azure

* Debugging Applications and Analyzing Usage with Visual Studio 2013

* What’s new for ALM in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013

​What's New for C++ Developers in Visual Studio 2013 IDE

​Introducing TypeScript

Understanding Your Code Using Code Map

​Introducing ASP.NET SignalR 2

* Introducing ASP.NET MVC 5

​Improved Developer Productivity Using CodeLens



Load testing applications in Visual Studio

Introducing the Unit Test Generator for Visual Studio

New testing tools for manual testers

Improve unit testing workflow with these Test Explorer improvements



Capturing & Analyzing Performance Events Using IntelliTrace Performance Indicators
and System Center 2012 R2

Introducing Application Insights



Intro to Windows Azure with Scott Hanselman

New Windows Azure Benefits for MSDN Subscribers!

Introducing SQL Azure


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