SQL Server Data Tools – And You Don’t Have To Know It All in VS

If you're a database developer, you can use Visual Studio 2012 with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). We've tried very hard to make Visual Studio less intimidating with 2012. We've simplified the User Experience.

The notion of refactoring, version control, schema comparisons, performance testing, SQL Azure support, unit testing are all there in Visual Studio if you are a database developer/designer.

You don't have to master C#, in fact feel free to ignore it completely. The experience is richer in Visual Studio versus SQL Server Management Studio (IMHO).


So a video to show the simplicity required? Please do, look at the blog. I will work on the video for next blog to summarize.

I've got the day off today, but, in my next blog will record a video to show how easy all this stuff is if you're a database developer and how Visual Studio can help you.


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