My Email Alerts in TFS 2012.

You can create both personal and team alerts in TFS from TFS Web Access. Click on picture to get full screen view.

From here we can view Work Item alerts and select one or more.

Similarly, we can add new alerts for Checkin Alerts where we can select one or more alerts.

And we can do likewise with Build Alerts and Code Review Alerts.

If you find, yourself getting too many emails for an alert, you can filter on these alerts with a rich set of filters.

Or delete the alert, choice is yours to experiment.














Comments (5)

  1. You posted this article at a very convenient time for me, we are moving to TFS recently and I was wondering how to set up alerts. Thanks a lot.

  2. Jason Singh says:

    Hi Durgesh,

    Thank you and good luck with moving to TFS. As you can see very easy to set up on a personal or group level. Let me know if you want me to blog anything else around this or TFS in general.


  3. Vishnu says:

    Can any one help me in email Alert setup to the team when they have work item assigned to individual.

  4. Sathish says:

    Hi.. Pls why team alerts is not working?.. Can any one assist

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