Support for Office 2013 Developer Tools for VS 2012 (RTW)

Today, I had the privilege of a wonderful 3 hour drive through the Sierra Mountains and 3 hours back after visiting a customer, in my 1998 Honda Civic (148k miles on the clock) which is a workhorse of a machine, but did not need snow chains installed, though there is plenty of snow in the beautiful mountains.

Today (March 4th), we announced the release of Office 2013 Developer Tools as an release add-in for Visual Studio 2012. Whether is this is an Office app or a SharePoint app. Saw the announcement on my trusty Windows Phone device, but I'm sure works equally well on Apple or Android.

Following last week's commercial availability of Microsoft Office 365. The focus has been to provide an enhanced developer experience via debugging, new templates, designers etc. Regardless of the hosting model for Office or TFS.

The feature can be activated via an MSDN Premium or MSDN Ultimate account.

Note Office 2010 is already baked in, if you are already on MSDN Premium or Ultimate.

For more details please see the following blog article.

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