OSI Approves MS Licenses

Today the news hit that two licenses from Microsoft were approved by the Open Source Initiative as official open source licenses. The licenses were submitted back in early August and a good deal of discussion and work has been going on since then. Jon Rosenberg, who is a really sharp guy and was a colleague…


Microsoft OSS Web Site

Today Microsoft launched its new open source web site. Starting in 2001, we began thinking long and hard about open source from the perspective of it as a dev model, a business model, a licensing model, and a philosophical approach to software. Like anything – you look at it through your own perspective and we…


Grab Bag Today – More on Open XML, Iron Projects, IBM’s Spec Pledge

A couple of things to pop up on my blog today: Stephen McGibbon wrote a blog posting this week about Open XML and his participation in Portugal. There has been commentary about this up on Groklaw and Stephen addresses those issues directly. [Adding to this post] Doug Mahugh has posted on the recent INCITS Executive…


FoxPro Going to CodePlex

I just saw that Microsoft is moving FoxPro to the CodePlex site. In other words, as the company has made a decision not to move FoxPro beyond the 9.0 version it will enable the dev community that is passionate about the technology to continue to work on it in a collaborative environment. I think this…


Thank You For The Feedback

Most of the time I try to respond to the comments that come into my blog. There has been a rush of comments since the linking of my posting to a few news articles.  1) Thank you for the comments – I know many of you are skeptical about this process, and a few are…


And Now, For My Next Act….

Years ago, it was suggested that there was a civil war in Microsoft based on open source. There allegedly was the Star Wars–inspired rebel alliance of openness fighting against the forces of closed. Coming out of that set of accusations, I was always a bit curious as to what role I was assigned. Should I…


New Shared Source Release – MBS Solomon

Once again my friend Matt Asay is putting on a strong show at OSBC East. The OSBC conferences have been interesting to me because of their focus on those that are building businesses around OSS. In my keynote on Wed. this week I will be taking a look at our lessons learned from OSS and…


New Shared Source Releases

In conjunction with the news today about the licenses – we are also announcing the availability of 8 Visual Studio 2005 stater kits under the Ms-PL. Also, in Nov., the CE team is going to release the second version of our Bluetooth wrapper. There are more than 80 Shared Source releases – go check out www.microsoft.com/sharedsource…


Shared Source Licensing

UPDATE – I’m adding some good blog discussions below based on this news.   Open source licenses are source code licenses. Shared Source licenses are source code licenses. Shareware licenses are (at times) source code licenses. And what is a source code license? It is a way for a software creator to place usage terms…


Windows Template Library

The project leader for the Windows Template Library project up on SourceForge dropped me a note the other day. In case you are interested, the WTL project just released Beta 1 of WTL 7.5.  Here are the links. Project link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wtl Download link: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=109071&package_id=117803&release_id=361783 Good stuff guys!