Vacation Time

I’ll be away from the blog for a spell. I’ll get online and approve comments etc, when I can.


Real Interoperability Projects and Documentation

It’s been a while since I was part of the core team doing the broader interop work at Microsoft. I have become increasingly focused on global standards issues which is only a part of the bigger picture on interop. That said, I was just kicking around the Interoperability Bridges & Labs Center and was impressed…


A Simplified Discussion of “Open Standards” – Welcome to the Warehouse

My last post has driven some great discussion around what an open standard means. Heck, I think I was writing about “open” issues back in March of 2005. One could almost say it has become thematic. Given the comments from my last post, I thought it would be useful to write out the analogy that…


Balance of Contributors & Implementers: A Blog Answer to Rick Jelliffe’s Post

I love reading smart people’s blogs – and Rick is definitely among that group. I have really enjoyed reading his post, “Standards media formats and licensing: JPEG vs. MPEG” and then the associated post, “Balance of Interest.” In the first one, Rick referred to my recent post “Contribution, Collaboration, & Implementation” and has spurred me…