Hello World…Again

It is time to start blogging again. I have received many emails asking where I went. The simple answer is…I’ve been working. I know that sounds lame, but the truth is that I have been heavily engaged in some internal projects at Microsoft and it was enough to keep me from staying with my blog.

I just went and checked and my first “Hello World” was on March 9, 2005. So, 4 years later it is time to start all over again. Back then I was writing about Open Source Software. Somewhere along the way I shifted over to working on industry standards, and there I have remained.

When I last posted in 2008, my blog had completely given over to document format discussions. While interesting in and of themselves, it is important to keep our eyes on the broader context.

Over the past year, the continued growth in interest around eGovernment, the increased attention being paid to Health Care IT, e-Learning, and a continuation of global interest in interoperability as a concept have made standards all the more important.

Looks like there is tons to talk about, so hello world…again.

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