Positive Comments on the BRM from the Denmark NSB

The national standard body for Denmark has posted some short Standards Denmarkcomments about the BRM. For the moment, I don't think the  comments are posted anywhere on their site in English. I found a translation, but if it is off, please let me know.


The following is a translation of comments posted by the Denmark National Standards Body.


Result from the Danish OOXML BRM Delegation

The Danish OOXML BRM delegation, that was appointed by a unanimous Committee at Danish Standards, has just returned from the BRM meeting.

The Danish delegations mission to ensure a Danish fingerprint on ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML, and thus improve the standard, was fully accomplished, since all Danish comments have been approved to be worked into ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML.

Representatives from IEC and ISO at the meeting, secured that all rules for a BRM was upheld. To get the many comments through the meetings in 5 days meant that the meeting was a very intense process. For those comments that were not debated during the meeting, a majority of the delegates decided that the solution was to express their position on paper. This was also what the Danish delegation did.

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  1. Mr.Insider says:

    Are you guys at it again in Denmark? Tsk,tsk, Remember last time it didn’t work, though:

    I’m surprised that the Danes have allowed this to happen.  It wasn’t all

    that long ago that Microsoft was threatending the Danish government.

    Obviously, they’ve forgotten about that now…

    "Bill Gates tried to pressure the Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen into accepting the European Union’s proposed directive on software patents by threating to terminate the 800 jobs at Navision, which had been acquired by Microsoft."


    Late last month, neighboring Denmark’s standards organization DS saw its working group membership grow by a considerable amount, with most or all new members (depending on the account) being Microsoft partners.

    Source: http://www.betanews.com/article/Evidence_of_Microsoft_Influencing_OOXML_Votes_in_Nordic_States/1188335569

    Jason: It is this kind of behaviour from your masters what people find despicable of the company you work for.

    Seriously, Jason. Stop the spin. Insisting in this corruption path is only harmful for you, the company you work for and the ISO. Why not plain natively supporting ODF in Office2007? Heck IT CAN’T BE THAT HARD!! I am sure MSFT’s customers -I mean, the users, not the OEM manufacturers- would absolutely LOVE IT -maybe Microsoft Corporation can include the support with a Service Pack, very much as it discontinued support for older formats in a recent one?- or it can eve serve as excuse to sell yet another update to Office -200X- I think the product is good enough to compete on the merits and it has the advantage of a better suppor for legacy binary formats.

    I have heard Microsoft Corporation is considering this option as a plan-B in case the process at the ISO fails. I am sure you heard about it too?

    I appreciate your patience and sense of humour when facing so many negative comments, but come for a moment to think about it: there must be a good reason why so many people are so upset at the whole standarization process which has been pushed mostly single-handedly by Microsoft Corporation (well, yes with the help of some partners and proxies), some very nice people indeed that are getting mad about what you (and you seem a nice person as well) write here trying to portrait this process as a fair one. C’mon we all know many NBs have been stuffed -even chaired!- by Microsoft Gold Partners!. I can only describe it as an absurdly expensive maneouver in order to try to keep Microsoft’s lock-in over document formats in order to salvage one of its only two cash cows: Office. Notice that I am a simple computer user who values his freedom, and not a major stakeholder at the process as you, and even from my position am very well aware of the many problems that have been provoked by the company you work for.  You are not fooling anyone, so please give it up.

    Hope to see that ODF-supporting version of Office 2007 soon (serious). And good luck, I heard some of your workmates abroad have been fired because of this fracas during the previous round of votes in the NBs of China and NZ -this is how the masters of Microsoft rewards the hard workers who -like you- are trying the impossible. No, serious, I assume you are only doing your job, and while I expect the MSOOXML standard to fail to get the ISO approval (which, beleve me, would be a good thing in the long run, even for Microsoft Corporation) you have my best regards.

  2. hAl says:

    The original source in danish


  3. Open XML says:

    C’est ce que l’on pourrait croire à lire la déferlante de titres négatifs sur les blogs et sites des

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    "Standards Malaysia has now issued a statement regarding the BRM. The title says it all, "Malaysian delegation at the ISO meeting in Geneva (25 – 29 Feb ’08) finds the technical issues in the draft standard OOXML unresolved satisfactorily"."



  5. ISO and IEC have joined Ecma , Standard Norge , Dansk Standard and Standards Malaysia in posting a press

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