Building Bridges to other XML-based Formats

I have repeatedly made the argument that it is bad logic that leads you to the conclusion that there should be only one document format. If you value innovation in document creation, and you want to see applications continue to advance rapidly, and you want to see broad-based problem sets be addressed creatively – then…


Countries Are Saying Yes To Open XML

***Updated April 2*** – ISO has just confirmed the approval of IS 29500 in a press release. ***Updated end*** It has been a few days since I’ve had a chance to blog. I’ve been on the road and that tends to make it harder to find the time to put up posts. I have been…


United States Votes to Approve Open XML

The United States national body has voted to approve DIS 29500 with 11 votes “yes,” 4 votes “no,” 1 “abstain,” and 1 “not yet”. The 2/3 super-majority requirement was met.  The next step for them is a resolution meeting later this month.


DIS 29500 Meets All JTC 1 IPR Requirements for Approval as an International Standard

The FUD machine from the anti-Open XML camp has been running on the high-octane fuel of the Software Freedom Law Center critique of the Microsoft OSP. While there is absolutely a debate to be had about the role that covenants not to sue or open specification promises play in the broader world of standardization -…


Applying the Interoperability Principles to Accessibility

As last week came to a close, I blogged about a few examples where Microsoft was applying the Interoperability Principles to its business. Much is being written about the role standards will play in the future of the software industry. It is important to understand that no software company or product can (or would want…


DIS 29500 Recommended for Approval by The United States V1 Committee

I just saw this come through in email, and would point you to Doug Mahugh’s blog that the US V1 technical committee voted today regarding DIS 29500. I wrote about the V1 committee and the US position back before the Sept. 2 ballot here and here. I also posted on the Executive Board decision for…


Interop & Open XML Grab Bag

Busy, busy, busy. So many things going on at once. I have been meaning to write about a few items all week and just haven’t gotten to them. In the middle of all the excitement around the BRM, there have been some very positive steps taken on the interop front. I wrote a simple news…


Some Balanced Statements Regarding The Open XML BRM

I want to highlight a few comments following the close of the BRM in Geneva. The folks highlighted here are balanced, experienced standards professionals. This is not to say that there are not other standards professionals who hold opposite opinions, but I think these two are important voices. Patrick Durusau – Editor of the OpenDocument…


Positive Comments on the BRM from the Denmark NSB

The national standard body for Denmark has posted some short comments about the BRM. For the moment, I don’t think the  comments are posted anywhere on their site in English. I found a translation, but if it is off, please let me know. ******** The following is a translation of comments posted by the Denmark…


Rick Jeliffe of the Australian Delegation Commented on the BRM

Rick has pulled his blog posting about the BRM for the moment due to the fact that he will be reporting into Standards Australia about the meeting. His original post can be found in web caches and he is being quoted on other blogs. I will include one quote from what he wrote, and then…