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Having been out all last week, I seem to have missed the opportunity to communicate about the fact that IBM is supporting Open XML in IBM Lotus Quickr, IBM Websphere Portal, IBM DB2 Content Manager v8.4, and IBM DB2 9 pureXML. Computerworld commented on this as well.

If National Bodies are trying to determine the marketplace viability of the Open XML document format - and the ability for other companies to implement it - this would seem to be a good sign that Open XML is in scope for international standardization.

This is to say nothing of the fact that ALL of the comments have been addressed in the dispositions work and is now available for review by the NBs. Following the Sept. 2 vote, the Project Editor along with support from Ecma TC45 committed to address all comments - not just those submitted along with "no" votes. 3,522 comments were addressed in the dispositions. It does not mean that each NB must review all 3,522. They need to review their own comments, and the dispositions for those comments. For all countries, this is a much shorter list. Even within those lists, the NBs then need to think about which of their comments are most critical to them.

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  1. RichL says:

    Just read Rob Weir’s post on this where he refutes the ComputerWorld assertions.  I guess it all depends on your definition of "support".

  2. Regarding what countries should consider for the BRM, you may want to have a look at my post:

  3. darwin says:

    Unknowing readers might like to read IBM’s Rob Weir’s. He analyses Microsoft’s evidence for the ‘IBM supports MS-OOXML’ contention.

    Short version: IBM products support the MS-OOXML like the DOS "del" command supports it.

    Conclusion: Microsoft officials spinning again. Of course, that’s what they have been hired for, that’s all they can do. One day their heads will spin off.

    Matusow, I’ve been reading quite a bit of your pathetic writings here, and you know what? I couldn’t care less what happens to you. (Well, to be honost, I do care, to a degree. I sencerely hope that you don’t reintegrate into the food chain: one day one is eating  a donut, a bitter, sharp, strange awfull taste in one’s mouth, one’s stomach empties itself instantly, one’s metabolism startst to fail, body collapses, hospitalization, deep, prolonged coma. 10 years later one’s metabolism starts to recover, 5 years later, one starts to hear far-away sounds, 10 years later one is more or less recovered. In the 25 years that has passed since that terrible incident, the scientific community has reached a verdict: severe poisoning from a Matusow tainted carbon-atom present in the donut. Most likely the atom has for a few days been part of Matusow’s blood circulation system.)

    I have come to the conclusion that the evolution went astray somewhere, the evolution of the cockroach that is. One strand produced mankind, another strand produced Matusow and the likes.

  4. Richard says:

    IBM have supported open XML from the very beginnings of it, see for all details.  If you are, as I think you may be, referring to MS office binary dump to XML  please call it as such.  Your continual use of the wrong expressions can only because you wish to cause confusion, more commonly called FUD.

    IBM do not however appear to be supporting MSOOXML!

    Your MSOOXML format is not

    a.. Open XML

    b.. Open Office XML

    c..  .docx

    d.. etc. etc. etc.

  5. There’s been a lot of buzz about Open XML and if you’re wondering how to ramp up quickly, then I’d highly

  6. There's been a lot of buzz about Open XML and if you're wondering how to ramp up quickly, then

  7. For to long people have invoked the word Standard to imply that Microsoft wasn’t following the rules…

  8. carlos says:

    "3,522 comments were addressed in the dispositions. It does not mean that each NB must review all 3,522. They need to review their own comments…"

    indeed, in the other NB comments we have proposed some "little" fixes like changing the *conformance* *constraints* of *all* the specification … but please don’t bother in review this "minor" things, just vote "yes"

    What standard do you want to develop today? ™

    Free fast track for everyone! ™

    Happy ISO hour!


  9. Please_dont_lie says:

    Alex Brown, the convenor of the Ballot Resolution Meeting, stresses that Member states need to consider and vote on all resolutions, not only the ones corresponding to their own comments.

  10. Caren says:

    Dir Sir,

    I write to you in the capacity of MickyScum’s Chief Propganda Officer. I address you being MickeyScum’s UberPropganda Whore/Vice President of The Monopoly Defence Devision.

    I’m deeply concerned about MickeyScum’s prospects. We all now how we failed to push OOXML down the throats of our customers and non-customers. Now the EU is starting an investigation in  how we bribed and cheated in the ISO proces. (Maybe you can phone our friend George to take intitives to outlaw Europe or start bombing it right away).

    It is paramount that you do step up the propganda efforts.

    Since these efforts are your responsability, I must stress that when we continue to fail, you will feel the consequences. The consequences for you could be so severe as being obliged to work for MickeyScum to the end of your days, or even worse, fixing Windows security issues 24/7.



    CPO MickeyScum


  11. Xanadu says:

    Historically, stealing elections has eventually been detrimental to the force who stole them. MS’ aggressive take over of ISO will either fail by a big NO or will eventually back fire them.

    All the desperation from MS to destroy any competition shows nothing but weakness, should they succeed with this joke optionally-open xml is, they will still have to eventually face the reality, if competition does not kill MS soon (and OOXML becoming a pseudo open standard has barely the intention to prevent so) MS will kill itself, it is MS’ destiny, they can’t avoid it.

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