Out for a week

I'd like to thank all of you who have been commenting on the blog this past week or so. I have been reading them all and have been including that feedback into our work on the covenant. After months of working more hours per week than is healthy, I'll be out for a week with no connection to the net, and thus no blogging. Have a great week.

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  1. Bass fisher says:

    Did the week turn into weeks ? A little too hot in the kitchen to comment  some more ? Surprised the world saw through the "ignore the man behind the curtain" game and hand waving about the Novell deal being good for customers and the market ?  Geez.  Luckily some of the world is onto the real motives and real "meat" of the deal from MS perspective. Your frothing CEO could not contain himself in the days after the deal. Novell placing a letter from their CEO, and then you guys issuing an "agree to disagree" note, made people think "something rotten in Denmark".  Get back in the game already, ya’ll started this action and asked for feedback. Don’t let the pr handlers control the world for chris sake, life is too short.

  2. Kristian Joensen says:

    That was a long week, Jason are you alright ?

  3. Björn Ragnar says:

    Hi jason

    Just wandering if everything was OK.

    When will you be back online.

    Take care


  4. James says:

    So, Microsoft blogger reaches out to the community, then disappears. Same old story.

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