Craig Kitterman Joins the Blogosphere

Craig is a colleague of mine who works on interoperability at Microsoft as a part of the Interoperability & XML Architecture team. He started blogging recently, and I am only now catching up with that. I think he is a very bright guy and I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts over time.


Interoperability By design – Sender ID Under the OSP

As promised, we have announced the next specifications to be covered by the open specification promise. Sender ID is a critically important set of technologies designed to counter the problems of spoofing, phishing, and malware through spam. Over the past two years we have seen broad adoption of the technology with more than 600 million…


A Busy Week for Interoperability

This week is going to be a hectic one for the interop team here at Microsoft. Tomorrow morning we are dropping a press release (which I will comment on tomorrow), which I hope will take a very positive step forward on the interop front. It will be the third time this fall that we are…


IE7 Available

Just an FYI as I have enjoyed the changes to IE over the past few months that I have been using the beta versions. IE7 launched yesterday and is getting a very positive reception. If you are interested, you can get it here.


Interoperability In Europe

I was in the air longer than I was in Europe this week (Chicago Monday, Brussels Tuesday, Seattle Wednesday), but the time I spent there was extremely educational. There is a real question as to what constitutes interoperability – or in other words, what is the definition of interop. I think this is a good…


Application of the OSP

We now have the OSP out there and it has been applied to 35 web services specs and now the VHD spec. The question I have for readers on this blog (and your friends) is what should be next? Microsoft will not be applying the OSP in any sort of blanket policy across all specifications…


VHD under OSP – Interoperability Again…

Today I am in Brussels at the European Interoperability Summit held at the Microsoft Executive Briefing center. All week long we are having discussions with private and public sector customers about interoperability and sharing with them how we are approaching the subject. I went through this in past blog postings, but allow me to restate…