Out for a week

I’d like to thank all of you who have been commenting on the blog this past week or so. I have been reading them all and have been including that feedback into our work on the covenant. After months of working more hours per week than is healthy, I’ll be out for a week with…


Thank You For The Feedback

Most of the time I try to respond to the comments that come into my blog. There has been a rush of comments since the linking of my posting to a few news articles.  1) Thank you for the comments – I know many of you are skeptical about this process, and a few are…


Interoperability Vendor Alliance

One of the foundational elements to Microsoft’s delivering interoperability by design is working with community. Yesterday we took an important step in encouraging ongoing, constructive communication about interoperability among software vendors. The Interop Vendor Alliance is made up of 25 software companies and the goal is to establish an environment for collaboration, testing, and communication…


Your Input Requested

One of the key elements in the Novell / Microsoft Collaboration announcement from last week was a patent covenant that was intended to provide non-commercial, individual open source developers with the coverage necessary for them to develop code without concern of infringing any of Microsoft’s patents. (Before you go too far, please be aware that…


Joint or Separate – The Content Matters

UPDATED Nov. 10 I have changed the content on the MS website – follow the links in this posting. Also, check out the comments to this post as there is a good conversation going on. ************  In a recent post up on the KDEdevelopers.org site a concern was raised about the fact that there are “joint statements”…


Interoperability – Novell/Microsoft Collab Day 2

This has been a crazy few days around Microsoft. I have not slept much, nor have the folks on the deal team, in the product groups, on the PR team, at our PR agency, and in conversations with the Novell guys they are in pretty much the same condition. At this point I don’t time…


Novell and Microsoft Build A Bridge

Today Microsoft and Novell signed, and announced, a landmark collaboration agreement for building bridges between Linux and Windows. The two companies agreed to a technical and IP collaboration agreement that builds a bridge between the worlds of Linux and Windows. To me, the most compelling thing about the announcement is the demonstration of real collaboration…


Interoperability Through Community – Zend/Microsoft Tech Collab

UPDATED 11/1 with links at bottom: Bill Hilf and his team have done another tech collab deal that makes a huge amount of sense to me. Zend and Microsoft announced yesterday that the two companies are going to work together to make the PHP scripting experience compelling for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server “Longhorn.”…


Craig Kitterman Joins the Blogosphere

Craig is a colleague of mine who works on interoperability at Microsoft as a part of the Interoperability & XML Architecture team. He started blogging recently, and I am only now catching up with that. I think he is a very bright guy and I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts over time.


Interoperability By design – Sender ID Under the OSP

As promised, we have announced the next specifications to be covered by the open specification promise. Sender ID is a critically important set of technologies designed to counter the problems of spoofing, phishing, and malware through spam. Over the past two years we have seen broad adoption of the technology with more than 600 million…