New Shared Source Releases

In conjunction with the news today about the licenses – we are also announcing the availability of 8 Visual Studio 2005 stater kits under the Ms-PL. Also, in Nov., the CE team is going to release the second version of our Bluetooth wrapper. There are more than 80 Shared Source releases – go check out…


Shared Source Licensing

UPDATE – I’m adding some good blog discussions below based on this news.   Open source licenses are source code licenses. Shared Source licenses are source code licenses. Shareware licenses are (at times) source code licenses. And what is a source code license? It is a way for a software creator to place usage terms…


Windows Template Library

The project leader for the Windows Template Library project up on SourceForge dropped me a note the other day. In case you are interested, the WTL project just released Beta 1 of WTL 7.5.  Here are the links. Project link: Download link: Good stuff guys!