REMIX UK – The Next Web!

  If you are interested in the next web then Remix UK is going to be an amazing event for Developers, Designers and everyone in between.  It will take place in Brighton on 18th and 19th September with over 30 great speakers. Go visit the event website or follow what is going on with…


Starbucks get into twitter

I do love my Starbucks coffee and now they are also embracing my other latest favourite – Twitter.  You can now Tweet suggestions to the Starbucks product team via their Twitter account. You can Tweet suggestions about products, stores or anything really. Follow their twitter account here –  Great spot by GearDiary!


Twitula – Twitter client for Windows Mobile

Over the past month or so I’ve got really into Twitter as a great way to stay up to date with friends and colleagues.  I wish more of my non-techy friends used it though! I’ve been using TinyTwitter for a while now but noticed this new client that’s available called Twitula.   I’ll be giving a…


Tiny Twitter – have you tried it?

I’ve been playing around for the past week with Tiny Twitter and I really do like it.   It’s a Twitter client that allows you to keep up to date with your friends you are following as well as tweet directly from your device.   I used to tweet via SMS but now I’ve stopped doing that…