Windows Mobile 6.1 gets Common Criteria Certification!

I got some great news yesterday that Windows Mobile 6.1 has just gained Common Criteria Certification! If you aren’t familiar with Common Criteria then Wikipedia helps 🙂 The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (abbreviated as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security. Common Criteria is based upon…


Apple iPhone Security Hole

Wired Magazine have just discovered and shared a rather large security hole in the Apple iPhone. This essentially allows you to bypass the PIN security and gain access to the features of the device including the un-encrypted information stored on the device. To do this 1. Tap emergency call. 2. Double tap the home button….


Blackberry PDF Security Issue

ZDNet has details of a recent Blackberry Security Vulnerability that allows an attacker to compromise the PDF attachment viewer service and allow that attacker using a specially crafted email to cause memory corruption or even execute code remotely on the attachment server… You can get more details from RIM HERE