Let me Google that for You

OK so I should probably have a link called – Let me Live Search that for you… However… I did find this website really amusing as it’s scary how many people ask me a question and I submit a Search in Google or Live Search and find the answer they were looking for… This website…


[Friday Humour] The Septics companion

I got forwarded this website by a number of my American colleagues who know how I relish teasing them about their abuse of (my) the English language.  There is now a website dedicated to help my American colleagues ‘localise’ themselves with ‘British English’ It’s called the Septic’s Companion (Septic being cockney rhyming slang for Septic…

To my American friends – Happy Thanksgiving

Today in the US it is the Thanksgiving Holiday when most Americans get together with their families and celebrate the harvest and express gratitude in general. I’ve lost count of how many of my US friends have asked if we celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK (which we don’t) but one good thing is I get…


Too many gadgets? A tale of Ipod Love

Whilst tidying my study I did think this video typified my problem – I do have too many gadgets 🙂 I’ve negotiated with my wife though and she doesn’t complain about how many gadgets I have… similarly I don’t count how many handbags/pairs of shoes she has!


Knight Rider and Windows Mobile

I found this Celebrity Blackberry Sightings Website thinking….. why don’t we have a Celebrity Windows Mobile site… then I stumble across this article from PocketNow talking about the product placement of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 in the new Knight Rider TV Series! Good to see that when you have an indestructible car you still…


How NOT to use Powerpoint

A great video on how NOT to use Powerpoint!


NFL Schedules available to import into Outlook

For those of you who read my blog regularly you will probably be aware that I am a huge American Football fan.  The NFL season kicks off this week which I’m really excited about!  I always like to have my team (sadly the St Louis Rams) games in my diary and I’ve been using Calendar…


[OFFTOPIC] The Madden Curse continues…

    Each year I wait for the release of Madden NFL and this year it’s the 20th Anniversary edition (have I been playing the game for that long!) There is also the fabled curse of Madden where the featured player on the cover of the game has their career impacted in some way….   Last year…


Sumsing Turbo 3000

A little Friday Humour 🙂