Trinket Software release ‘Do Not Disturb’

These guys are churning out some great apps! The latest is Do Not Disturb that will automatically reject callers based on the profile you set on your device! You can set your phone to reject calls based on number, contact or categories! You can try the Beta HERE


Skype 2.5 Beta released for Windows Mobile

Skype have just released a new Beta of their VOIP/IM solution for Windows Mobile.  It’s available for both Pocket PC/Professional and Smartphone/Standard devices. There aren’t too many details on what 2.5 offers apart from improved sound quality and better stability. If you are a Skype user you can download it from HERE


Live Mesh Updates for Mobile, Mac and Desktop

I personally think Live Mesh is one of the coolest things to come out of Microsoft recently. It allows me to keep all my Laptops, PCs and Mobile Devices in Sync. The Live Mesh team has just released a number of updates for the Mobile, Mac and Desktop clients. You will automatically be prompted to…


Communicator Mobile 2007 R2

Not the most compelling of product names but Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 is almost due to be released to customers. The original Communicator Mobile client allowed you to interact through IM and presence with your co-workers and any organisation or public service with which you were federated.   The Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 client extends this…


GPS.SOS – Don’t Panic

This is a neat application that will send your location via a Text Message to a pre-determined telephone number in case of a problem.   If the recipient is using a Windows Mobile device it will even allow them to open a map up directly from their device. You can download the application from HERE


Facebook Panels, Live (and more) for Sony Ericsson X1

If you are a Facebook addict (like me sadly) and you have a Sony Ericsson X1 device then you can now download a new Panel for the X1 interface to allow you to stay (even more) connected to your Facebook contacts. Sony Ericsson announced details of this yesterday and with it you can: Get an…



This is a great application that allows you to forward any incoming text messages to an email address from your Windows Mobile device. You could also use this to backup your text messages by forwarding them to your email account. You can download the application either from HERE or just got to from your…


Fake Call and Power SMS get updated

CJ just pinged me to tell me that he’s updated two of my favourite applications Power SMS and FakeCall! PowerSMS v1.3 now has Calendar integration for Auto Reply, so it can automatically turn on and off based on your schedule. When your Calendar is Busy, it will turn ON. When it is free, tentative or…


Live Mesh for Windows Mobile

Announced this week at PDC was the Windows Mobile Live Mesh client.  If you aren’t familiar with Live Mesh then you are probably missing out on one of the coolest pieces of Microsoft technology in a long long time! Live Mesh is a software as a service platform that enables PCs and other devices to…


Backup Solution Comparisons

One of my colleagues discovered his great comparison of the 3 major backup solutions for Windows Mobile available.  The article on  compares Resco, SPB and Sprite Backup outlining their key features and benefits. I won’t ruin the article by sharing the result but if you are interested in this area then check out the…