O2 release upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 for XDA Mantle


O2 have released a ROM upgrade for the XDA Mantle (also known as the HTC P6500) - you can download it from HERE

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  1. Paul Diston says:


    Thank you very much for this information. Did you find out about this just by browsing the O2 site or by another means?

    Thanks once again.

    Paul Diston

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Hi Paul

    I actually discovered whilst looking for an upgrade for another device I had 🙂

    Why do you ask?


  3. Paul Diston says:

    Hi Jason,

    The reason I ask is we port our application to a number of devices, and as you might expect it is always good practice to be on the latest OS/BSP versions for the available devices. It can be tricky getting timescale information from the OEMs in regard to the release dates of certain new OS/BSP versions, so if you had got this information from another source other than just happening to find it, as you have done, then I would be interested in knowing how, such as subscribing to a OEM email regarding releases, for example.


    Paul Diston

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