Activesync Tester solution

If you are having any problems with Exchange Activesync then this tool may be a great help.  The AccessMyLan ActiveSync Tester simulates an ActiveSync client and provides a detailed diagnostic report with possible solution options. The tool can identify:

  • Host connectivity and name resolution (DNS) problems

  • SSL / Certificate issues

  • Exchange Server / ActiveSync configuration issues

  • User configuration issues

The ActiveSync Tester provides much more detailed and useful diagnostic and remediation information than handset ActiveSync error codes enabling you to quickly identify and resolve your ActiveSync issues. The tool does not transmit any user or server information to AccessMyLan.

You can get more details HERE

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  1. Mitch Wilkins says:

    I have a big problem and I am hoping you can help!  My VX 6700 running mobile 5.1 has frozen on the password page.  It won’t accept my password anymore.  I have tried remembering all of my passwords I have used over the past 4 years and tried those as well with no luck.  I have about 3 months of business information on the outlook calendar that is not on my computer because it stopped syncing.  I would love to be able to transfer the information to outlook, bypass the password to be able to turn off the password protection on the settings of the phone, or transfer the info to another phone just like it or take the hardware and switch it.  Everytime I put in the "incorrect" password it doubles the time.  I am now up to 24 days between password entrys.  I have tried hooking it up to the computer but it asks for a password and even if I put in the correct one, I would have to leave it connected for 24 days until it would tell me that the password was correct and accepted.  Please help me!  E-mail me at with a responce.  Any information you have to help me will be greatly appreciated!

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  3. Alan says:

    Awesome tool!  Thanks for sharing!

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