My blog has moved! Make sure you update your RSS Reader!

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but I finally got round to finding sometime over the holidays to move my blog over to it’s own domain name! I have registered which will be the new home for my blog! Make sure you update your RSS Reader to this new blog as I’ll…


Mobile Site for Wikipedia

If you use Wikipedia regularly then you will be pleased to see that they have just launched a Mobile site! Just point your device browser to:


Trinket Software release ‘Do Not Disturb’

These guys are churning out some great apps! The latest is Do Not Disturb that will automatically reject callers based on the profile you set on your device! You can set your phone to reject calls based on number, contact or categories! You can try the Beta HERE


Skype 2.5 Beta released for Windows Mobile

Skype have just released a new Beta of their VOIP/IM solution for Windows Mobile.  It’s available for both Pocket PC/Professional and Smartphone/Standard devices. There aren’t too many details on what 2.5 offers apart from improved sound quality and better stability. If you are a Skype user you can download it from HERE


i-mate Ultimate Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade now available

If you have one of the i-mate Ultimate devices then you can now upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1.  There are 4 upgrades available which can be downloaded using the links below: i-mate Ultimate 9502: Instructions | Available now i-mate Ultimate 8502: Instructions | Available now i-mate Ultimate 6150: Instructions | Available now i-mate Ultimate 8150:…

Getting Things Done

  I’ve blogged before about the great guidance given in David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, well one of my colleagues stumbled across this video on YouTube of David giving some Google employees some guidance on how to use his tools and systems.  It’s long at 45 mins but definitely worth watching.


Activesync Error Codes and Resolutions

I often got email from my blog from people who are having issues with their device and Exchange Activesync. Often they provide the Error Code and I always use the Reference at to provide them some guidance on what could be causing their problem. If you haven’t seen the list then take a look…

Let me Google that for You

OK so I should probably have a link called – Let me Live Search that for you… However… I did find this website really amusing as it’s scary how many people ask me a question and I submit a Search in Google or Live Search and find the answer they were looking for… This website…


Live Mesh Updates for Mobile, Mac and Desktop

I personally think Live Mesh is one of the coolest things to come out of Microsoft recently. It allows me to keep all my Laptops, PCs and Mobile Devices in Sync. The Live Mesh team has just released a number of updates for the Mobile, Mac and Desktop clients. You will automatically be prompted to…