Rob Tiffany on .NET Rocks

My colleague Rob Tiffany recently did an interview with .NET Rocks.  Rob is a Development Guru for Windows Mobile and the interview is definitely worth a listen! You can check out the interview HERE Rob has a great blog HERE


HTC Touch Dual upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1

Wow – these upgrades are coming thick and fast this week! HTC have just released an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 for the HTC Touch Dual. You can get the download from HERE


Pantech Duo Windows Mobile 6.1 update now available

If you have a Pantech Duo device then you can now get this updated to Windows Mobile 6.1 The update is now available on the Pantech Website HERE


November UK Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group Meeting

Nathan has just provided details of the November Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group meeting (MMMUG) which takes place on Tuesday 11th November starting at 6:30pm at our Microsoft offices in Cardinal Place near Victoria Station. This month Clive Watson, Brett Johnson and Julius Davies from Microsoft will be discussing Virtualising Exchange and some of…


Fake Call Beta

Come on – admit it – we’ve all been there – stuck in a dull meeting just hoping someone ‘important’ would call to help you escape the monotony….. Well the guys who wrote PowerSMS have come up with a great solution called Fake Call… it’s in Beta right now but will allow you to setup…


Mobile Geo – Sat Nav for the Visually Impaired/Blind

One of my colleagues who is blind forwarded me this solution which provides a Satellite Navigation solution for the visually impaired/blind. With Mobile Geo, you can pinpoint your location, learn about the points of interest (POIs) in your immediate vicinity, plan a route between specified points of origin and destination, and get instructions on maneuvers…


Phone Recovery

Faber Nitor have released a solution for Windows Mobile that if you have your phone stolen it will automatically send you the thief’s mobile phone number and SIM card ID when they try and use the phone with their SIM card! It does this by automatically recognising that an authorised SIM has been placed in…