Live Mesh for Windows Mobile


Announced this week at PDC was the Windows Mobile Live Mesh client.  If you aren’t familiar with Live Mesh then you are probably missing out on one of the coolest pieces of Microsoft technology in a long long time!

Live Mesh is a software as a service platform that enables PCs and other devices to connect with each other through the internet.

This includes PC’s, Mac’s and now Windows Mobile devices too!

Currently Live Mesh for mobile devices is provided only on a limited basis in the US and UK.  The Live Mesh Client for Windows Mobile can be downloaded from HERE

If you don’t have a Windows Mobile device you can use your phone’s browser to view your mesh by going here -

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  1. Dave N says:

    What happens if you are in a country other than US or UK, I am in Canada and have been beta testing the service, I have been able to log on via windows mobile, however, by using installing the cab, will I be able to use the service?

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