Hurry – Get a Redfly for 50% off!


I’m a big fan of the Celio Redfly device as it’s a great way of extending your Windows Mobile device and turning it into a sub-laptop. 

The Redfly has no OS on it and basically allows you to use your Windows Mobile device with an 8 inch screen and even output to a projector via VGA.  It can connect to your device either with Bluetooth or via USB (which also charges your device too)

You can even plug USB key/flash drives into the USB ports!

If all this sounds appealing you need to act fast as Celio have made a limited quantity available at 50% off the list price. 

You can get a Redfly for $199 until October 31, 2008.

Visit for more information on this limited time program and pricing.

You can also learn more about REDFLY at

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  1. I purchased one, best mobile phone accessory ever. Decided to disable the power savings feature in it to see how long it  would last.  it lasted for 6.5 hours (for three of those hours I was on a conference call).

    I am taking a trip next week and have decided to leave the laptop behind.  I will be able to do everything I need to do on my trip with the redfly.

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