Web Messenger Alerts for Windows Mobile

This is a pretty cool utility that allows you to set a series of rules on your device for incoming SMS and Email messages. Your device will allow you to do things such as: • Inbound Email Alerts – Define custom alert rules for email based on one or more attributes (including contacts, subject, content)….


Too many gadgets? A tale of Ipod Love

Whilst tidying my study I did think this video typified my problem – I do have too many gadgets 🙂 I’ve negotiated with my wife though and she doesn’t complain about how many gadgets I have… similarly I don’t count how many handbags/pairs of shoes she has!


Knight Rider and Windows Mobile

I found this Celebrity Blackberry Sightings Website thinking….. why don’t we have a Celebrity Windows Mobile site… then I stumble across this article from PocketNow talking about the product placement of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 in the new Knight Rider TV Series! Good to see that when you have an indestructible car you still…


Windows Mobile 6.1 gets Common Criteria Certification!

I got some great news yesterday that Windows Mobile 6.1 has just gained Common Criteria Certification! If you aren’t familiar with Common Criteria then Wikipedia helps 🙂 The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (abbreviated as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security. Common Criteria is based upon…


Palm Treo Pro available on Vodafone Business

The folks over at CoolSmartphone have discovered that the Palm Treo Pro has just appeared on the Vodafone Business Website. So if you are looking for a great QWERTY keyboard Windows Mobile device with integrated GPS and WiFi – this could be a great option! You can get more details HERE


Make your Touch Pro or Diamond into a mouse!

This is a pretty cool application that allows you to turn your HTC Touch Pro or Diamond into a Mouse like the Logitech MX Air You can download the application from HERE


HTC Touch HD – great images

Arne over at TheUnwired has posted some great pictures of the HTC Touch HD for you to drool over…. I put one of them above but there are lots more! Check them out HERE


Remote Control and System Center Mobile Device Manager

I’ve had a few customers asking about how they can use Remote Control with System Center Mobile Device Manager.  They want to be able to connect to a users device and then control/troubleshoot the device remotely. Well after discussions with a few colleagues I came across AetherPal who have a solution which does exactly that!…


Turning off the HTC Touch Diamond Mute Trick

One of the cool things about the HTC Touch Diamond is that if it rings and you are in a meeting you can just place it face down and it will mute the incoming call. I really like this on my device however some folks don’t and if you want to switch it off then…


Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades

I’m often asked for a list of devices that now have Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades.  I think this is the full list although if I’ve missed any upgrades please leave a comment and I’ll make sure to update it!   Device Mobile Operator Download Motorola Q9c Verizon http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/motosupport/source/SoftwareUpdateSummary.asp?country=USA&language=ENS&web_page_name=SUPPORT&strCarrierId=Verizon%20Wireless&strPhone=MOTO%20Q9c&strCable=Mini%20USB%20Data%20Cable Samsung Blackjack 2   http://ars.samsung.com/customer/usa/jsp/faqs/faqs_view.jsp?SITE_ID=22&PG_ID=557&PROD_SUB_ID=558&PROD_ID=957&AT_ID=132705%20 Tilt AT&T…