Apple iPhone Security Hole


Wired Magazine have just discovered and shared a rather large security hole in the Apple iPhone.

This essentially allows you to bypass the PIN security and gain access to the features of the device including the un-encrypted information stored on the device.

To do this

1. Tap emergency call.

2. Double tap the home button.

This drops you into the iPhones "favorites" section. From here you can make calls or send e-mail, and with a few steps you can browse to the Address Book and then on to Mail, Safari or the SMS application.

You can read more details and a suggested workaround on the Wired Blog

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  1. Inchka says:

    The passcode idea on the iphone is generally useless – if I have a passcode it’s also to stop people from reading my sms messages, but Apple has decided that it’s a good idea to display my new text messages in full on the screen when they come in!!! Yet I don’t even get a visual notification to say x new emails have arrived. the iphone is a long way away from being a business tool.

  2. Inchka says:

    Can I also add that while the phone is locked, if you bring up the contacts and tap on the email address, then tap Cancel, you’ll then get full access to the inbox and the rest of your email folders.

    And Apple have the audacity to label the phone "Enterprise Ready"???

  3. Gabri says:

    The most interesting part; if this were to have happened to WM, the world would have come down like a ton of bricks. Now, it’s Apple, so it’s not a really big problem.

    Gotta love the hype.

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