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Wow – I won!  I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when Rebecca emailed me to tell me my blog had won the Mobile & Wireless Technology Blog Awards in Computer Weekly! 
Big congratulations to Tracy and Matt for their blog - Tracy and Matt's blog- Independent Technology & Mobile Device News and Reviews which came second!
Overall Microsoft did pretty well in the awards winning 4 of the 10 categories
  • Steve Clayton’s “Geek in Disguise” blog won the “Company Blogs” category
  • Mike Taulty’s “Bits and Bytes” blog won the “Programming and Technical Blogs” category
  • Ray Fleming’s “UK Schools” blog won the “Public Sector Blogs” category
  • My blog won the Mobile and Wireless Technology Blogs

I wanted to thank everyone for their support, encouragement and interaction!  Whilst I write the blog – it’s the discussion and debate that takes place in the comments that inspires me!

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  1. Congratulation! Your blog is one of my favourite for mobile news and I like it expecially because it covers not only the Microsoft world but the entire mobile world.

  2. Guy Gregory says:

    Congatulations! Well deserved!

  3. Thanks to those of you that submitted a vote for me in the ComputerWeekly competition ! I’m really pleased

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