[OFFTOPIC] The Madden Curse continues…




Each year I wait for the release of Madden NFL and this year it’s the 20th Anniversary edition (have I been playing the game for that long!)

There is also the fabled curse of Madden where the featured player on the cover of the game has their career impacted in some way....  

Last year it was Vince Young who threw for only 9 TD’s and 17 Interceptions, In 2007 Shaun Alexander missed 6 games with a broken foot, Donovan McNabb was out from week 9, Michael Vick broke his leg and missed 11 games and more can be found on this great post HERE

This year the featured player is Brett Favre who ‘retired’ from the Green Bay Packers.  Then ‘un-retired’ and got traded to New York Jets.

Unfortunately all the games are being distributed with the Green Bay uniform on! To overcome this you can download a new cover to print out and insert into your game!


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