Vista Performance and Tuning Guide available for Download

I use about 3 PC's on a regular basis - my home PC (which is an iMac running Vista and Mac OS X), my work laptop (which is a Lenovo X61) and my personal laptop which is the gorgeous Sony Vaio TZ.

I've been using the TZ for a nearly a year and it had a whole bunch of beta software on it that I had been playing around with so I decided to rebuild it. 

The TZ is a fantastic piece of technology and was a present to myself last year 🙂

I went completely crazy when I bought it and fully spec'd it to include the SSD and 2GB RAM - I also purchased the Carbon Fibre edition 🙂

The only trouble with it is that it isn't super powerful (1.2GHz Core 2 Duo).  Having said that I tend to use it mainly for surfing, blogging and watching movies while travelling.  (I have the extended battery which gives me up to 17hrs of use!)

In re-installing Vista I started to optimise the installation and whilst surfing the web I stumbled across this Vista optimisation guide which could be useful to you if you are looking to tune your Vista installation!

It can be downloaded HERE

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